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Saat Saat Phere - Episode 854 Sawri is shattered and walks away. Daksh's aunt accuses Saloni also of having trapped a rich man in
Duration: 1243
View count: 358796

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 780 Tara is surprised and worried when Savitri informs her that Urvashi and Brijesh have gone away in th
Duration: 1284
View count: 136486

Duration: 628
View count: 31482

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 475 Abhi asserts to Brijesh that he will accept Pia come what may! Saloni begs Nahar to stop the wedding
Duration: 1380
View count: 46387

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 500 The women chase Abhi and throw stones at him. He stands at the edge of the cliff facing the furious
Duration: 1392
View count: 45553

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 400 Late in the night, Nahar slyly meets Saloni and speaks his heart out. He tells Saloni to return to h
Duration: 1255
View count: 206874

SALONI SALONI ép.127-2 / Saloni est agressée ( chaussure de l'homme à moto ressemble aux chaussures de Samar)
Duration: 504
View count: 61800

SALONI SALONI ép. 117 -1
Duration: 682
View count: 18615

SALONI SALONI ép.125- 2 /Kaveri invite la famille pour l'anniversaire de son mari
Duration: 724
View count: 26170

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 490 Ginni informs Saloni and Nahar that Abhi has gone to Mount Abu with Pia. Nahar and Saloni decide to
Duration: 1308
View count: 30581

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 501 Nahar and Saloni apologise to Brijesh for disobeying him and causing pain but Brijesh replies he is
Duration: 1390
View count: 40171

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 445 Saraswati berates Kaveri for daring to seek a business deal with her baby! Kaveri is disappointed. S
Duration: 1398
View count: 37703

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 386 Saloni does not believe Yug. However, Yug explains the entire story to everyone in detail and tells
Duration: 1422
View count: 355980

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 730 When Saloni reaches Nahar, he comes back to his senses. He lies that Shweta wanted to play with him
Duration: 1294
View count: 487349

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 425 Samar requests Tanya to excuse them and then asks Kaveri the reason for her outburst. However, he so
Duration: 1280
View count: 72492

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 819 Amrit brings Sawri to Saloni. An upset Sawri tells Saloni that even her father is leaving, and even
Duration: 1281
View count: 451154

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 473 Brijesh receives a call informing him that Sridhar has escaped from prison. Brijesh asserts that nob
Duration: 1341
View count: 48034

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 379 Yug arrives at Nahar's place, but before he can enter, he sees a car approaching and quickly hides n
Duration: 1354
View count: 114242

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 499 Pia informs Manno Bhabhi that Saloni had been speaking the truth all along about Abhi having raped h
Duration: 1352
View count: 38774

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 423 Padam Singh denies it but Kajri narrates the truth. She mentions how Padam Singh had told his wife h
Duration: 1330
View count: 126519

SALONI SALONI ép.119-1/Kaveri&Samar réclament les droits de Saloni suite-Tara a failli gifler Kaveri Kaveri&Samar réclament les droits de Saloni suite - Tara a failli gifler Kaveri.
Duration: 618
View count: 9750

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 387 Saloni finds Nahar walking away dejectedly. She goes to him, who apologises to her. Nahar tells Salo
Duration: 1425
View count: 129258

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 489 Nahar and Saloni give the hair sample to the doctor, and he asks them to bring Pia so that the DNA t
Duration: 1352
View count: 24340

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 600 Saloni is devastated to know that Aditi is no more. Nahar decides to shoot Urvashi but Saloni stops
Duration: 1260
View count: 81928

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 494 Manno Bhabhi is furious and accuses Saloni of stooping so low just to prove her point! Saloni asks h
Duration: 1336
View count: 33260

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 424 Bhabho suggests that they hold a `Jagraata' (religious ceremony held all night long) to thank God fo
Duration: 1316
View count: 76830

Duration: 900
View count: 107694

Duration: 351
View count: 68659

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 350 Bhabho is shattered as Nahar leaves the house. She requests Brijesh to stop Nahar, but fails to conv
Duration: 1287
View count: 34936

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 1 Narpat (Mohan Bhandari) urges his wife, Ambica (Pratichee Mishra) and his younger daughter, Shubra (
Duration: 1709
View count: 199049

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 800 Aditya hugs Urvashi and says that he was missing her. He tells her that he wants to stay with her bu
Duration: 1246
View count: 192028

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 436 Saloni invites Pia for the party organised by Manno Bhabhi but she refuses. However, Saloni manages
Duration: 1365
View count: 28327

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 129 Ambica loses her cool and slaps Gayatri and accuses her of betraying their trust. Samar too tells Ga
Duration: 1405
View count: 47855

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 247 Urvashi and Tara ask Saloni to get Pia dressed for the engagement ceremony. Saloni goes to her room
Duration: 1319
View count: 31171

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 443 Kaveri is relieved when Manno Bhabhi goes away without noticing anything. Later, she overhears Manno
Duration: 1344
View count: 30424

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 200 Everyone in Nahar's place is happy with Nahar's return, and the entire family is in a celebration mo
Duration: 1339
View count: 106088

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 385 Nahar is shocked when Gayatri tells him about Ambica's plan to get Saloni remarried. Nahar is deject
Duration: 1292
View count: 77795

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 382 Nil.
Duration: 1326
View count: 74215

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 406 The man who had berated Brijesh and Nahar turns out to be a candidate named Dev (Sachin Sharma) for
Duration: 1295
View count: 47954

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 481 Manno Bhabhi is exasperated and warns Saloni not to speak a word against her son any more! Pia too b
Duration: 1363
View count: 25822

Saat Saat phere - Episode 402 Aditi tells Bhabho that she is ashamed about her husband willing to leave her for the sake of deceit
Duration: 1279
View count: 73999

SALONI SALONI ép.126- 1/Samar comprend fortement bien que Kaveri a oublié son anniversaire
Duration: 622
View count: 32434

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 502 Kaveri is stunned to see Saloni! Saloni chides Kaveri and Ginni for deceiving the family. Ginni deep
Duration: 1364
View count: 148296

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 410 Dev is jealous and starts to interrogate Chandni, when Dheer comes and tells her that Padam Singh ha
Duration: 1315
View count: 55589

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 486 Manno Bhabhi taunts Saloni of not being in peace until she offends Abhi every time! Saloni apologise
Duration: 1328
View count: 21751

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 426 Sridhar accuses Pia of going to her brothers' house to humiliate him, and then collapses. Pia narrat
Duration: 1393
View count: 55804

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 405 Kaveri asserts that the money belongs to her, and tells Samar that she will not let her dreams be sa
Duration: 1315
View count: 54760

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 505 Samar refuses to believe Saloni but she tells him that Kaveri had bought Nikita from Ginni! Samar sl
Duration: 1390
View count: 35638

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 450 Brijesh packs Kukki's bag and drags her out of the room. He then informs his family that she is not
Duration: 1374
View count: 29696

Duration: 620
View count: 18529

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